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Recess...A time for Family


Welcome to my last blog as most, if not all, of our lodges are effectively in recess. Once again I would take this opportunity to wish you and your families my best wishes for a relaxing summer recess. For all masons a well deserved and much needed break and the opportunity to spend some quality time with our families.


Fundraising for Sir James McKay House

I hope you will all agree that our Elder Statesmans’ Degree was an overwhelming success and that brethren who took part not only did their respective Mother Lodges proud but also themselves. Sadly it was not possible to have a representative from every lodge across our province but I want to thank everyone who took part and more importantly all of the brethren of this province who gave this event such tremendous support.

I also hope you will have seen the photos and the update provided by our PGM, Bro Jim Ellis re. the Easter event we hosted in Sir James McKay House. I must profess to feeling apprehensive whether this event would be a success but it turned out to be a great day.

I wish to thank Brothers Robert McConnell, Gordon McConnell and Tom Smith who gave of their time to entertain the residents and their families on the day.

On the day we also presented the residents with two cheques totalling £1800. Isn’t it wonderful that as an organisation we can organise fundraising events and then see the direct results of our labour being handed over to a worthwhile cause. That’s what we freemasons do !

A fresh perspective

At the most recent meeting of the Almoners’ committee it was pleasing for me and the Almoners of the province to welcome two new recruits to our table in the persons of Brothers James Barnes and Dean Mollon.

I very much look forward to working with these brethren and they are already bringing a freshness to our committee with their ideas and enthusiasm. I hope they will be long term additions to our committee.

The Role of Almoner

You should hopefully now have had the chance to peruse the minutes of the Almoners’ committee meeting which has been sent to your Lodge Secretary. One question that arose at our last meeting was, “What is the role of the Lodge Almoner?. Such a big question brethren going by discussion around the Almoners’ table and one that I’m interested in hearing your views on.

Brethren, I hope that you enjoy the recess and I look forward to seeing you all in September.


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