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This site will be used by the Provincial Grand Secretary to communicate to all of the daughter lodges within the Province.

It will contain important documents which the Secretaries of all daughter lodges can freely access, download and return to the Provincial Grand Secretary via >> 
As well as providing information and documentation , the daughter lodges can also contact the Provincial Grand Secretary via this site

Provincial Grand Secretary

Grant McLennan

6 Murray Place, Perth, Perthshire


07719 354 898

Provincial Grand Lodge Returns

Please click on the icon to open a copy of Provincial Grand Lodge Returns. Save a copy, Complete and Return to Provincial Grand Secretary by 15th December each year. 

Secretaries Checklist

The following checklist has been recommended by Grand Lodge to All Lodge secretaries
as a baseline for annual inspections by Provincial Grand Lodge. Please familiarise yourself
with the points included in the document attached.


Permits / Dispensations

Permits are required for the following:

Changing / Cancelling meeting dates

Working degrees outwith the Province (reciprocating lodge also requires approval from their own PGM)

Working degrees outwith the Constitution (Grand Lodge approval required)

Wearing of Regalia during public processions

This list is not exhaustive. If Unsure please contact the Provincial Grand Secretary

Provincial Visitations to Daughter Lodges

Secretaries are reminded that Lodge books should be made available to the PGSec 2 weeks prior to the annual visitation.

The books should be accompanied by 2 copies of audited lodge accounts and  2 copies of the Lodge Bye-Laws

Provincial Grand Lodge Fees

Fees are due annually from each daughter lodge

Annual Test Contribution from each

Lodge                                £50.00


Fee for each Intrant and Affiliate                              £10.00


Fee for each Qualified Member                             £1.00

PM Dues                            £10

Grand Lodge Documents

Grand Lodge has placed all its relevant documents within a central epository for downloading by the secretaries of each of the daughter lodges. Those documents can be accessed here  (Lodge Annual Return Forms - The Grand Lodge of Scotland (

The Grand Almoners Appeal can also be downloaded from this site.

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