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Provincial Visitations 2023


7th - The Douglas Lodge No.409

15th - Lodge Pioneer No.1305

28th - Lodge St John Crofthead No.374


5th - Lodge Buchan St John No.636

13th - Lodge St. Andrew No.1587

20th - Lodge Kirkton Hall No.1614

25th - Lodge Hope Bridge Castle No.827

Installation Visitations 2023/24


Sat 4th - 636      2pm

Sat 11th  - 1587  2pm

Fri 17th  - 1614   7pm

Sat 18th  - 1601   2pm

Sat 25th  - 827     4pm


Sat 2nd - 272  2pm

Fri 8th - 85     7pm

Sat 9th - 1145  2pm

Sat 16th - 927  4pm

Tues 19th - 13   6.30pm

January 2024

Sat 13th - 409   2pm

Sat 20th - 1232  2pm

Sat 27th - 548   2pm


Sat 10th - 17    2pm

Sat 17th - 590   5pm

Sat 24th - 1186   2pm


Sat 1st - 1658    2pm

Fri 15th - 1305    6.30pm

Sat 23rd-   2pm

Committee Meetings 2023

Committee meetings will take place on the 3rd Wednesdays, commencing at 7pm prompt, as detailed below..

18th January 2023 Lodge Torphichen Kilwinning 13

20th September 2023 Lodge Polkemmet No.927

15th November 2023 Lodge Almondale No.1658

16th January 2024 Lodge Torphichen Kilwinning No. 13


At each Communication, Provincial Grand Lodge Office-bearers should be present at least 15 minutes before the hour fixed for the communication. (7pm)

3rd February 2023  - within St Margaret No.548

6th October 2023 - Lodge Almondale 1658

Recent Members Degree 2023

The Recent Members’ Degree, will be held in Lodge Hope Bridge Castle No 827, 51 South Street, Armadale, West Lothian, EH48 3ET on Wednesday 15th March 2023, tyling at 7.00pm

Reigning Masters' Degree 2023

The Reigning Masters’ Degree is expected to be held within the premises of Lodge Lord Bruce No 1601, Kidd Street, Blackburn, West, Lothian, EH47 7LW, on Monday 30th October, 2023, at 7.00pm.

Provincial Grand Lodge Office-bearers, when attending Lodge Visitations, Installations and Communications, should, where possible, wear dark clothes and white gloves

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