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Demands & Challenges


Your lodge Almoner has many demands placed on him, here’s a few that spring to mind :

• act with discretion and confidentiality.

• maintain contact with Lodge members.

• be alert to any problems being suffered by his brethren.

• be aware of what support is available e.g Welfare State.

He is also faced with some challenges, again here are just a few :

• No formal training.

• Lack of accurate information.

• Lodges not always at the centre of their community – contacts ?

• Much is expected of him.

When you consider the demands and challenges your lodge Almoner is faced with then they really do, do a remarkable job. For some they fulfil the role purely based on their own life experience and we may lose sight of the fact these brethren are amateurs doing a professional job and do it to a very high standard.

That said we should also consider the experience of those who use the services of their lodge Almoner. Their experiences may influence how they view our craft, assist with their recovery and help us retain brethren. Perhaps now is the time to do some research, educate the brethren, help your lodge Almoner perform his duties and identify the next generation of Almoners.

Just a thought.

Almoners’ Committee

Well the first meeting of our Almoners’ committee was everything I expected and more. Plenty of enthusiasm, discussion and ideas. The planning for our first event of the year, our Almoners’ fair on 29 April within the premises of Lodge Polkemmet, No.927, Whitburn, is now under way.

Great stuff !

Elder Statesmen's Degree

Elder Statesmen ? You have to be joking. This is going to be a great event - of that I’m sure and a wonderful start to our fundraising efforts for Sir James McKay House. Please come along to Lodge Hope Bridge Castle, No.827, Armadale, on 29 March and give us your support – it is much appreciated I assure you.

See you there !


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