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Few if any of us will have given much thought to the role of your Lodge Almoner however with brethren now living longer, and typically remaining in their own homes, the work of your lodge Almoner is expanding. In these times of lodges facing the challenge of filling the important offices of the lodge such as Deacons, Wardens and in some cases – Master, the office of Almoner is often considered to be not that important or perhaps underestimated by the brethren. The problems of old age, both medical and financial, are becoming more prevalent, so that the demands on Almoners are even greater than before.

I must profess that until I took up the role of lodge almoner I had given little or no thought to the duties or the skillset required to fulfil the office. Which leads me to my question that if you had to seek employment as an Almoner in the professional world what would your skillset look like. Have a look at and give this some thought :

Active Member Active

Listener Energetic

Motivator Enthusiastic

Organised Experienced

Notable Good Communicator

Enthusiastic Motivator

Reporter Organised & Willing

Elder Statesmans Degree

Brethren, as you are aware our Elder Statesmans Degree will take place on Wednesday, 29th March commencing at 7pm within the premises of Lodge Hope Bridge Castle 827. The degree team has now been chosen and we also have a candidate for the evening.

At the conclusion of the meeting there will be an informal harmony and all proceeds raised on the evening will be donated to the residents of Sir James McKay House.

Almoners meeting

Brethren, the first meeting of our Almoners' committee is Saturday, 18 February and I very much look forward to getting round the table again and planning for the year ahead, plenty enthusiasm and discussion is guaranteed and I'll keep you updated through this blog and issuing the minutes through Provincial Grand Secretary to your respective lodge secretary. As always I welcome any and all feedback.


Kenneth McMaster

Provincial Grand Almoner

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