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Elder Statesman Degree


70 or over?

Linlithgowshire province will see the first Elder Stateman Degree on Wednesday 29th March 2017 within the premises of Lodge Hope Bridge Castle No827.

As well as the degree, we hope to raise some much  needed funds for Sir James MacKay House  by trying to guess the overall age of the degree team.

Your Provincial representative will be coming round with sheets to guess the overall age in years/months/ days etc.

There will be a nominal fee of £1 per guess.

Lets support our Elder Statesmen and Sir James MacKay House.

Recent Members Network / Forum


In order to assist our Recent Members within the Province (those 5 years or less in the craft) Provincial Grand Lodge have set up a Recent Members Network, whereby new members can communicate with each other and support each other in their Masonic journeys. This could be visiting other lodges as a collective, meeting for social gatherings to create a bond of brotherhood in order to promote freemasonry within the Linlithgowshire province and beyond.

The forums are informal and encourage new members to take the lead in taking freemasonry into the 21st Century.

Provincial Grand Lodge have created , in conjunction with some Recent Members, a Recent Members Facebook page.

This will be a secret page and will be by invite only.

Recent Members Degree

This year the Recent Members Degree will be held on Wednesday 18th March within the premises of Lodge Hope Bridge Castle No.827 , tyling at 7pm.

Should you be a recent member and want to take part within this degree , please contact the SPGM Bro Allan Baker on

01506 651043 

If you are a young / recent member into freemasonry, regardless of age, then why not join us and become part of a unique group supporting each other. The page is moderated by 4 experienced freemasons who can help to guide you along with your career path within the lodge .

Click the button below to email admin  to join the group. Alternatively get someone on the group to add you

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