It's perhaps a reflection on today’s modern society that most weeks of the calender year now have some kind of issue awareness attached them. Let me give you a recent example - Mental Health Awareness Week which was to raise awareness of people who have mental health issues and how...


Welcome to my last blog as most, if not all, of our lodges are effectively in recess. Once again I would take this opportunity to wish you and your families my best wishes for a relaxing summer recess. For all masons a well deserved and much needed break and the opportunity to spend...


Your lodge Almoner has many demands placed on him, here’s a few that spring to mind :

• act with discretion and confidentiality.

• maintain contact with Lodge members.

• be alert to any problems being suffered by his brethren.

• be aware of what support is available e.g Welfare Sta...

February 18, 2017


Few if any of us will have given much thought to the role of your Lodge Almoner however with brethren now living longer, and typically remaining in their own homes, the work of your lodge Almoner is expanding. In these times of lodges facing the challenge of filling the important o...

January 13, 2017


Welcome to my first update of 2017. On behalf of the Almoners of the province I wish you and your families a very happy and prosperous New Year, lets hope it’s a good one.

Look back then look forward

Brethren, a New Year brings challenges both old and new and I’m full o...

December 18, 2016


A time for family, a time for reflection, a time for thinking of those who have passed to the Grand Lodge above and those who are suffering ill health and times less fortunate than they themselves would wish.

On behalf of the Almoners of the province who care for the brethren ac...

November 1, 2016

Nov 16

A renowned former politician once famously replied when asked what his priorities were for government(,) “Education, Education, Education." I’m pleased to say that for our PGM Bro. Jim Ellis and I the priority is Communication, Communication Communication."

We often take communication...